The History of Mexico The History of Mexico - The Mayas Mesoamerica is the name of old Mexico, as per the historians. 200.000 inhabitants get settled here for the first time in this huge land mass. These indigenous tribes were known as the Mayans who ruled the place for more than 6 centuries. Since 280 CE to all until 900 CE, the rule belonged to the Mayans. This age is called as the classical period. The Mayan empire clear trade routes were formed in the demographics with each city having its own temple, pyramids, plazas, canals, ball courts, palaces and so forth.

The History of Mexico - The Mayan Creation Myth

One of the most important crops that were cultivated locally among the so many other crops is the squash and  the beans. Food crop that belonged to the Mayans was maize. Water dwelling serpents tried almost three times to create the human beings but ended up in failure for the first two attempts. Finally they succeeded in creating the Mayans. This is the myth of the Mayans. The Mayan civilization is incomparable to many other civilizations of the past. They had their own ball courts, recreational activities, and the sports clubs, too.
The History of Mexico
The History of Mexico

Ollama is one of the games that they played. As the rings were of different sizes, the complexity of the game is higher when there are changes made in the venues of Mesoamerica. Social hierarchy nobles belong to the top of the social table. They had the power to call the shots and get the lower segments involved in what they want to be. Secret societies were in operation to guide the people and govern their activities all the while. The religion was given due priority and led them towards other achievements. The Decline of the Mayans craft populations, and the artisans as well as the officials only led the life of the middle class. Other than that the social set up either had the working class or the third segments in excessive amounts or the monarchies in the top. That led to the decline of the Mayans as the bottom level men and women started to rebel against the minority nobles in a short span of time.

The History of Mexico - The Decline of the Mayans

While there were more theories that were not giving enough evidences towards the declined of the Mayans, the real convincing theory is the heavy pressure on the lower class. Hurricane could have been a reason otherwise too. The Mayan empire did not had the biggest of the solutions in hand to face for any kind of the catastrophic destructions like the plague, flood, epidemics, draught, warfare, famine and so forth.

Finally, the last of the nomadic groups that unfiltered into the Mesoamerica was the Aztecs. They beloved that they had closer relations with god. They might have come from Texas, or the present Oklahoma. The up starts as soon as they arrived in the Mexico region, they gained enough reputation in the domicile as one of the fittest group of warriors. While being admired for their bravery, they were simultaneously hated for their cruel acts too. These Aztecs were hired by the local towns, though. They were hired as mercenaries. Coxcox is the leader from the other tribes. Coxcox means peasant or farmer or the farmer’s leader. He started to hire the community of Aztecs as mercenaries. As per the expectations of the Coxcox, the Aztecs was doing the duty pretty well. They never let their boss down.

They were fiercely fighting against the enemies and held due respect for Coxcox. Culhua is the daughter of Coxcox. As a token of grated for winning against the enemies the Aztecs were asking the hand of Coxcox’s daughter, later on. It means Culhua after marriage will be taking the throne, and be the queen to be regarded with high respect like a goddess. Sacrifice was made later on by the Aztecs with Culhua. That made Coxcox to take revenge of t Aztecs. He sent an army to make the Aztecs get scattered here and there.

Later, they got settled in the banks of the lake Texcoco. This was chosen for the sole reason that the Aztecs got a strange message. An omen appeared with the eagle perched on a cactus plant. The eagle had a serpent on its beak. Anyone can see the same to be drawn in the coat of arms for Mexico. Anyone can see that in the Mexican flag as well. They called the place as Tenochtitlan.

The History of Mexico - The Aztec Social Hierarchy

High priests and the royal emperors ranked number one in the social set up. Military officials and the judges were in the equivalent grade. Tax collectors had a place in the creamy layer as well. Common tradition of eldest son taking the responsibility to become a king is not there in the Aztec communities. That is because there can be as many wives for any king. Only a legitimate wife is allowed per ruler while there can be even hundreds of illegitimate wives. There are kings who had more than 1000 wives too. Nobility Scholars and the real wise people belonged to these groups. Only a few people were able to serve this class as intellectual few in the society.

Others formed the intermediate groups and the lower order commoners. This segment ranked number two but only meager in their populace. There were really skilled fighters, jests and artisans in the community. The number of commoners was more though. Commoners 90% of the population is purely commoners. They were serving the same community for the simple reason that they wereable to get enough security from the royals and the nobles only then. Taxes were mandatory to be paid to the nobles regularly for the sake of protecting the life of the commons.

Slaves had no rights or hereditary assets or properties. They are the lowest of the social set up. Yet the slaves were given the liberty to marry any free person. Rich gamblers can actually bet the slaves in any wage. Man power buying and selling was one of the richest trades during those days not only line the Mesoamerica but also in many other parts of the world. Human trafficking by the secret sanities rally left to the downfall of biggest of the empires all over the world and the Aztecs war not any exception to that fact.

Heroes and history Cuauhtemo in the fifteenth century is one of the great Aztec emperors . He came to throne just at the age of eighteen. Spaniard invasions were at its peak at that point of time. The capital was besieged by the Spaniards. Aztec treasure was the target of the Spaniards. Aztec was captured while crossing the lake Texcoco and tortured bad, to reveal the secret of the treasure. There was not any treasure left out as such. It was already taken to the Honduras by that time.

Benito Juarez of nineteenth century was the key personality to fight against the French occupation and held the presidential role for more than five terms. Miguel Hidalgo is a priest, who was the key reason to start the war of independence and also successfully executed the proceedings of the war. Emiliano Zapata Salazar was a coolie of Indian and European races, who fought for land as well as independence. Just being a small land holder he fought bravely against the Diaz's land reforms and actively participated in the revolutions of independence. The Zapatistas was formed by him which is mainly poor peasants association that wished to spend most of their efforts and time towards working their land and produce an income.

Benito Juarez suggestions for world peace. Bringing in big economic reforms or doing some kind of magic in the minds of worst politicians is not the need of the hour to make the word a better place to live. It is anyone that has to change in the first place for the effective changes to fall in line. Every one of anyone should bring in the changes, for the world to become a paradise in fact. Some of the qualities that are to be inculcated without fail in order to achieve the objective without any big strain are listed below:

  • Do not worry too much for anything
  • Smile as much as you can and when possible
  • Reveal your love to the others
  • Challenging the fears of yours is paramount
  • Need to be far more assertive
  • Reciprocate your gratitude to the society
  • Help others
  • Be a good listener
  • Face yourselves boldly and openly
  • Accept yourselves completely

There is a breaking stress for tolerance. Changes in the social settings. Benito Juarez believed in the insanity of the commons as inevitable. Security and safety is the prime duty of the overruling parties. Ignorance prevails among majority of the communities far and wide. People should be enlightened and taught about the practical facts about social life as well as individual or personal life too. Education and knowledge of the real kind can only bring in effective changes in the minds of all. When anyone follows the list mentioned above anyone is developing into an individual that is ready to create a paradise in the earth for everyone to rejoice together. When anyone ideally realizes that then it is not an arduous task to accomplish.

Benito Juarez and his men used the port of Veracruz towards developing the international trade relations. New weapons were brought into the Mexican domicile through the ports. There are important landmarks in and around. Transportation facilities were channelized further in land promoting trade relations. Today the place is a hot spot. Veracruz rentals properties are of a wide range. Depending upon the tastes of the tourist guests and the budget constraints, a wide range of properties could be located all around this locality. When there is higher comfort levels, the costs are equally higher as well. The amount of money paid towards the lease could vary significantly from one property to that of the other. It depends a lot upon the particular area and locality.

Generally speaking most of the Veracruz rentals properties out here arequite convenient and comfortable for a family to dwell for weeks together. One can enjoy the wonderful climatic conditions and the natural beauty of the place. It is for these two reasons most visitors find it comfortable to visit this part of the world quite repeatedly. There are guests that lease the properties for months together. Veracruz rentals are chosen to be the best choices for corporate rewards. Companies lease some of these properties and do allow their guests to enjoy the occasion to the best. Business managers on successful completion of note worthy tasks area warded with such fabulous gifts of free stay in this exotic location.

The History of Mexico - Battle for Chapultepec Castle

Americans were greedy enough to start their invasion plans against Mexico in the year 1847. The castle stood for protecting the Mexicans who are highly injured in the battle. Port of Veracruz was captured in the month of March. Chapultepec Castle - historical facts that surmise us all Chapultepec Castle is an ancient monumental artifact that stands tall robustly in the twenty first century too in the foot of the mountains called Beiwu, by the chuangpi ocean side. Chapultepec Castle is not just made for architectural beauty. It is a great defensive fort from the coastal side for the Hymen Empire during the period of the opium war. Along with two more forts the Chapultepec Castle forms a shape of land pyramid to be solid obstacle for any infiltrates. River from across the length and quite narrowly too.

Anyone can see the spills that connected with the iron chains just between these forts. This is a deliberate constructional beauty that is a defensive measure to prevent any of the rivalry ship from navigating inside their dominion. Altogether anyone can see about 40 cannons out there in the right locations where any foreigner could easily locate it. Assaults will be ubiquitous in that way for the enemy to panic and run away from the place. Such a great defensive Chapultepec Castle is a tourist spot today for the people from all over the world to look and wonder about its amazing special features.

Anyone can see the ancient Chinese writings in the walls and the symbols that do represent their culture, heritage and true stories of the past too. These legends are actually the morale boosters for the modern day Chinese youngsters to believe in themselves in whatever they do and to fight with a lot of determination to achieve in their goals successfully. The robustness of the Chapultepec Castle portrays the strong will power and the determination of the ancient Chinese men who just belong to the weakest Mongolian race, physic wise.

The strongest Negro race is the dominant gene in the whole world physic wise according to the genetic combination. There is not any biased opinion in these logical proven evidential facts though. These are facts of nature that ever one of us has to accept. On the other hand, the intellectual capacity of the human races cannot be judged on a common basis though. It is purely dependent upon the individual and it differs by far from one person to the other. Chinese Mongolian race is dominates the Asian subcontinent by far with so much people inhabiting almost all over the far East.

Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangkok and so on, everywhere anyone could see the Chinese people ruling the world by all means. Chapultepec Castle is not just the only attraction that anyone can see here in this part of the world. There are better attractions too. Guan Tianpei along with his fellow men fought against the enemy in this part of the world. Chapultepec Castle protected them from the enemies in that way. Some of the Chinese desserts, soups, and sauces are of medicinal value too. At the end of the day, anyone need to see to that anyone are striking a proper balance in the ration of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that anyone assimilate in your body.

The History of Mexico - The Porfiriato and The Regime of Diaz

President had the big power in his hands. It was the revolutions that united the people of Mexico to protest against the monarchs and get liberty as one unit together. When they united, the enemies had no other choices but to fly away from the country. Both the French and the Spanish colonies disappeared in no time after the revolution. Some positives of the Porfiriato are the artisans. Handy crafts were superior and so does the handmade Mexican hats. Cowboy hats from Mexico were world famous. Quality is superior and incomparable in standards. European clients for the cowboy hats from Mexico and the Texas region of the USA are on hot demand. Yet, the original Mexican hats were of more value.

Even to major other parts of Americas, the Mexican hats were exported. Mexican style hats are worn both for protection as well as style too. Whatever might be the purpose of using a hat on our head, anyone will always have to maintain it clean and tidy enough. An unclean hat is of no good looks and also can cause potential health hazards like skin irritation, nausea or headache, etc. So in order to keep it always look new and good anyone need to maintain

A Pact Between USA and Mexico

Just like the Canada and USA had some pacts and agreements in between, since way long time now. Just like how the Niagara borders are discreet between the two countries. Huatulco bay is exclusive rights of the Mexicans, even after the success of the Americans in the Wars fought since then. Huatulco bay - paradise underneath the blue waters Oahu Island is quite prominent enough for the rest of the world as a best tourist spot in the whole of Hawaii.

The History of Mexico - A New Era in Mexican history

Focus got shifted from invasions, dominations, and warfare towards music, arts, and recreational activities as a must in the society. Learning and development to catch up with the technology become instrumental needs and priorities for the local residents. Visitors are flurrying in to see the beauty of the wonderful attractions in Mexico. Huatulco bay is actually tucked inside the good old volcanic crater which opens up to the huge pacific ocean. It is a sparkling bay in the shape of a crescent which encompasses a lot of marine environment in it. Anyone will see a whole lot of marine life to pass by your side when anyone is doing your snorkeling in the blue waters of the Hanauma Bay.

The turquoise bay is the home of hundreds of different species of fish that anyone could have ever seen in all your lifetime. Anyone can peep through your mask of the snorkeling equipment when anyone travels underneath the water surface like a real fish. Sea turtles, living coral reef, so may underwater passage ways that anyone can explore and many morein the Huatulco bay makes it to be a stunning as well as fascinating aquatic environment altogether.

One of the very famous renowned tourist attractions globally is the Hawaii islands. The growth rate of Hawaii islands after independence from the colonial rule to as of today is just magnanimous and can be compared to the development of Japan after the Second World War destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sophisticated country in the Asian subcontinent is a commercial leader as well as a place of luxury and enjoyment with so many ultra extravagant lavish resorts available for tourist attraction with variety pigmentation young gals to entertain.

The Hawaii islands airfare from any part of the world is not so high just because of the availability of too many carriers in that route. Hawaii islands airfare is comparatively cheaper when compared to many other tourist destinations and this is not only because of the route flexibility but also the governmental norms which has given a lot of relaxation for the majority of the airlines in the tax levies so that the costs are controlled at check so as to enhance the tourist attraction. When the number of tourists visiting the place raises the income generated out of the tourists in more than few hundred means is a hefty profit for the government. In order to develop this, on a good note they were keep on constructing fabulous places to visit in Hawaii islands for the tourists when they do visit Hawaii islands whether it is a family or singles tour anyone can make merry out there with variety of places to entertain you.

Hawaii islands airfare being minimal in this way becomes advantage for the labor category in the neighboring countries far and wide including India from where major population of Hawaii islands has come from. The cost of visit visas along with the Hawaii islands airfare becomes a nominal affordable cost package for these people to visit the place on tourist visas and try out their luck of getting a contractual offer. Services are round the clock either it is domestic or the international flights from different parts of the globe. It is approximately getting connected to one hundred and fifty different destinations all over the world right from here through air route through different airlines.

The Constructive Phases of the Revolution

Changes after the World War II were intense. The best part about the religion is that the channelizing is done by the religion to choose the right steps. Right steps taken in the right time, lead to the other Achievements. Record year for the investments made in Mexican commercial and admin or office spaces has to be noted with keen attention here, in the Mexican cities. The numbers are about three times more than what people witnessed in the year 2013, as per the reports came in from the Mexican daily, The El Mundo.

Certainly, it is one promising positive sign that is developing in the Mexican property market as a whole. Almost two thirds of the overall investments come from the global investors outside Spain, which is about 64% as per the reports received from JLL, one leading local property consultancy. When anyone discreet the investors by nationality, the British investors rank just next to the locals. Mexican investors contribute to about 36% of the overall investments made. British investors make up to 17% approximately. Investors from Switzerland and Andorra as well as from Mexico do contribute to 14, 10 and 9%, respectively.

Economical backlash counting on the deals made, the largest procurement of the office spaces was a posh portfolio of buildings that belong to the regional government of Catalan. About 32% of the overall investments were done by the local nationals. US investments follow closely with 31% while investments from France are about 18% as a whole. Positive growth coming to the retail sector, massive purchase done for the year was the deal made with the Klemperer by the Carrefour Property for about €400 million.

Second biggest deal is the acquisition of the Marinade City shopping centers located at A Corunna by the Sakami Merlin Properties. The deal was cut down for €261 million. One more noteworthy deal is the sales of the Islazul shopping centers of Madrid purchased by TIAA Henderson, an emerging investments firm. The transaction was done for about €229 million. Optimism and massive deals in the Mexican commercial and office spaces markets augurs well for the country’s economy, which will bring in a positive impact surely on the Mexican residential market too, in due course of time.

From the Mayans, and the Aztecs, of the ancient ages, to the Diaz like autocrats of the later years, Mexican ancestors have seen the worst and best of the times, under diverse circumstances. The native Indians and the nomads did not rule the place for long time for the luxurious life style of the royals, in the upper class was heavier for the lower commoners. Revolutions against the Spanish, and the French seeing the American revolution paved way for its liberty and economical prospects. When that was challenged once again by the American invasions, the unified Mexicans proved their majority as strength to remain as one of the established economies of the world.

The History of Mexico